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  • Where is my delivery?
    We aim to get your delivery to you within 3-5 working days. This can come in two different shipments. Please get in touch with us at if you have any shipping enquiries.
  • How do I store my dry dog food?
    it’s recommended to keep the product in the original bag and store in a dry, airtight plastic or steel container with a lid.
  • How long will my pet food stay fresh?
    For dry diets, palatability of the kibble remains at its best for one month after the bag is opened, however will be fine for up to two months so long as the bag is stored properly, in a cool, dry, airtight container.
  • Intolerance vs allergies
    Both dogs and cats can react badly to ingredients in their food, but sometimes some are allergic reactions. During a allergic reaction the food triggers the body’s immune response system sometimes resulting in symptoms such as itchy skin and upset tummies. Some dogs and cats can have adverse food reactions not caused by an immune response that can also lead to the same symptoms.
  • Where can I see the nutritional information?
    We have nutritional information on every recipe. Click on the recipe that you’re interested in and it will be under a table labelled ‘nutritional’.
  • How much should I feed my dog?
    We have feeding guides for all recipes. Once you’ve elected a recipe you like you can click through the photos and see the feeding guide table. All feeding guides are also on the back of each food bag.
  • Can I recycle my packaging?
    Yes! Our dry dog food bags are made from paper and can be locally recycled. Our treats and cat food can be recycled but please check TerraCycle for more information.
  • Do you use any artificial colours or flavours?
    Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in being great quality and using great ingredients. We do not use any additives, artificial colours or flavours in any of our products.
  • What are the benefits of FreshTrusionTM?
    Some of the benefits are: • Higher nutrient bio-availability • Higher digestibility • Protected proteins • Low temperature/low pressure cooking provides a fuller flavour
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