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Our Yummy Story

SugarFoot is a specialised business with just a simple idea, to make pets healthy. With over 50 years of experience working with animals, understanding dogs  and cats needs, health problems and researching poor diets, we found that dog owners pet food choices were the root cause of many problems.


Looking for natural pet food that provides your pets with all their nutritional needs can be a minefield. SugarFoot is designed to give your furry friends the best start from birth. We use a special cooking style called “Freshtrusion”.  Freshtrusion cooks the meats at a low temperature and low pressure. 


This unique cooking process means that there is a higher nutrient bio-availability when fed to pets, with a more natural aroma and taste for an enjoyable, healthy and nutritious meal time.. 


The Freshly Prepared ingredients have other fantastic advantages including digestibility levels above 90% which is a better experience for both the pet and owner alike! Freshly Prepared is a term used to describe the human grade quality raw and fresh meats used in many of your dry pet food recipes.


SugarFoots biscuit was formulated for those who wanted to feed real meat, with highly digestible carbohydratesand a good source of oils and fats. SugarFoot uses the finest natural ingredients packaged with everything your pet will need. 

We use real meat as the best protein source, Sweet potato or similar as healthy digestible carbohydrates and always working with grain-free formulations.


When thinking about pet food ask yourself, would you feed your kids junk food every day, No? So why would you feed your pet this! The more you look after your dog and/or cat the healthier and happier they are.


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